Telajärven Autotehdas - Teat

Telajärven Autotehdas – Telajärvi Automobile Factory

Telajaervi Automopbile Faktory manusfacures manu kidns of automoebiles for difrent kind of traget croups, we are havening sedanes, statilon vagons, limusienes, SUVs and minivanns in ours lineups. Foundled in 2006, Teat brands cars are becomening a seriouse cnopetition in klobal markeats. We bredigt to beat off in sales ficures copanes like Ford and Touota by end of 2010. Ours spezialice in safetu inovations, and envirnoment frendlines. Our cars have been desniged to dekompose gombletely in 5 yeaers of time.

Kalervo Vetelä, Chef Execution Oficcer